Josip Škiljo is a thirty-nine year old professor of Croatian and English with no experience in that field except for getting the degree. He has been working all sorts of jobs many of which he never mentions. Life has obviously decided to put him in front of a microphone since he was a radio host and a DJ for the most part of his working life. In January 2015 he went to a comedy workshop and shortly after made his debut stage appearance at the first ever Open Mic Night held in his hometown Split. He won the first place and afterwards continued gaining stage experience by performing at “Studio smijeha” Comedy Club in Zagreb and became a resident comedian a year later. After hundreds of performances in Croatia and abroad he became a co-founder and a member of SplickaScena, a group of six stand-up comedians based in Split. Today stand-up is his day and night job. Škiljo performs stand-up both in Croatian and in English but he also often takes up the role of an MC at all sorts of private and corporate events, conferences, promotions, parties etc. He materialized some of his ideas in form of graphic design. Definitely an all-round guy but not quite normal. He failed in achieving not the American, but the Dalmatian Dream, which is not doing anything at all. Nobody hears him complaining about it since he’s currently living his stand-up dream and hoping never to wake up.

You can reach him by sending an e-mail to josip@skiljo.com or simply by using the contact form below.